Breggxit 2

Stop frame animation


Liquid animation study

Emerald Faerie - Swallow Candles

A short social motion video for Emerald Faerie

Breggxit 03 – Welcome to Britain

CLIENT: Personal DESCRIPTION: Breggxit 03 – A personal study exploring Britain and Brexit


CLIENT: Personal DESCRIPTION: Shoe photography with Timberland. A personal study experimenting with freezing motion

ISLA – Bike Photography

Isla Bike 4 Images

Ice cream van

Ice cream van 1 Image


CLIENT: Personal DESCRIPTION: Breggxit – A personal study exploring Britain and Brexit  

Virgin TV Go – Play image

Virgin TV Go – Play image 2 Images

Geox – Shoe photography

Geox trainer3 Images

Blossom 04

Blossom 04 A personal study of glass and flowers. 1 Image

Karrimor Duma

Karrimor Duma 1 Image

Crabtree and Evelyn – Fruit infuser water bottle

Crabtree & Evelyn – Water bottle 1 Image

Exploding Cupcake

Exploding cupcake 1 Image

Melting Moments

Melting Moments 1 Image

Blossom 03 – Tea

Blossom 03 – Tea 1 Image


Bicycle Flowers on a bicycle 1 Image

Exploding oranges

Exploding Oranges A personal study of liquid and fruit exploding 1 Image

Blossom 02 – Fragrance bottle

Blossom 02 A personal study of fragrance and flowers. 1 Image

Blossom 01

Blossom 01 A personal study of glass and flowers. 1 Image

Fragments of Light

Fragments of Light. A mini-series of light explorations with glass bottles -2 images

DH Liberty Lux Lighting

  DH Liberty Lux – Lighting Photography – 4 Images


Elixir – Exploring glass, liquid and geometric shape. 1 Image

Water Pistol

Water Pistol – Personal study of water and movement. 1 Image

Water Lily

Water Lily – A project exploring water and perfume. 1 Image


    2 images


Samuel – Musician, Singer song writer Big Dada records

Liquid abstract studies

Study of animated liquid forms  


A personal project exploring the cost of food shopping. 2 Images

Light paintings 1

Camera based light painting.

Emerald Faerie

Bespoke jewellery made form recycled materials by artist Fiona Gall. 3 Images


1 Image


A personal project exploring fog

Emerald Faerie Lighting

Emerald Faerie Lighting  – Part 1

Emerald Faerie Lighting 2

Emerald Faerie Lighting  – Part 2

Emerald Faerie Jewellery

Bespoke jewellery made form recycled materials by artist Fiona Gall. 4 Images

Karoshi – France 16 poster

Limited edition silk screen poster for France 2016. 4 images

Beauty Photography – Max Factor

Beauty Photography – Before and after eye make-up


2 Images


2 Images


2 Images

Vans 01

3 Images


2 Images